In spring 2005 I started posting my new pictures on flickr:

2018 Note: I began using Flickr in 2005. My mother was using it first. Flickr had a great online community and even local meet-ups. Many new pics I still share to Flickr but also use sundry other social media services now.

2005 Note: I loved Flickr immediately because it is well-suited to my habits, and I find inspiration in the community. I’ve been posting more pics more often the last year because it’s fun and addictive. See my Flickr photostream.

toronto scenes

2005 queen triptychs 1: dovercourt eastward

2005 queen triptychs 2: palmerston eastward

2005 more scenes from near king & spadina

2005 more pictures of fellows I know

2005 the meeting of the cyclops

2005 road trip to an art show in the country

queen west & parkdale

2004 foggy morning, Trinity bellwoods park

2004 midsummer along queen west

2004 about 3 blocks of queen at bathurst

2004 queen west (and nearby) summer

2004 queen west may

2003 more west toronto dec

2003 queen west december – snow

2003 near queen west december – no snow

2003 more photos from october

2003 queen west, walking

queen street west

2003 queen west, from the streetcar

2003 seven tall pictures near queen west

2003 lisgar street near queen

2003 three blocks of queen west | large

three blocks of queen west

2003 scenes from the blackout

2003 queen west end of april

queen street west

2003 brock street near florence avenue

2003 mostly queen street february

2002 alleys of parkdale

2002 alley behind rhino bar & grill

2002 bathurst & queen march

2002 parkdale misc 2001-2002

2002 queen west winter january

2002 dumpster behind Queen

2002 Dundas at Lisgar

queen street west

2001 miscellaneous

queen street west

2001 building & flourescent tires

2001 queen west rainy day november

toronto life

2004 more pictures from midsummer

2003 a walk up yonge to bloor 07.16.03

2003 a walk along harbourfront

wide shots of downtown

2003 (the man with the) city hall rats

2003 extra wide shots downtown

wide shots of downtown

2003 winter downtown

2002 more anonymous toronto 2

2002 more anonymous Toronto 1

anonymous t.o.

2001 anonymous Toronto

beyond parkdale

2004 spadina may

2004 if you build it, they will come...

2003 condos near skydome

2003 more postcards from toronto

2003 toronto july

2003 john & richmond may rainy day

2003 beach in january east


2003 beach in january west

2003 winter in black and white

2003 toronto winter nights

toronto winter nights

2003 spadina mall at night

2003 dundas square unveiled

2002 toronto summer

2002 other side of the street

tother side of the street

2002 toronto fall

2002 view from north york condo

2002 Yonge at Dundas Jan 2002, night

2002 Yonge at Dundas Jan 2002, day

2001 postcards from toronto

toronto postcards

2001 toronto 12.02.01

2001 some buildings

2000 winter 2000


2003 ttc escalator & turnstiles

2003 streetcars


2002 ttc subway stations

toronto more abstract

2003 the signs are clear

2002 concrete jungle

2002 red five three

orange striped curtain

2002 five things

2002 welcome

2001 a little bit of color

2001 walls with windows

walls with windows

2001 walls with doors

walls with doors

2001 walls with shadows

2001 toronto 12.02.01

2000 winter 2000

more people, places & things

brand name litter

2003 coffee & cigarettes

original brand name litter

2003 eat, drink, whatever

2002 Frutopia lays crystal chunk

2002 tim hortons wonder bread

2001 The original collections

original brand name litter

hydrants & other collections

2003 look down more

2002 news in boxes

2002 locks

2002 things I don't know what to call


2001 poster decay 7

2001 poles (more poster decay)

2001 look down 1: curbs

2001 132 hydrants


2001 siamese connector selector

2001 look up (poles & wires)

look up at poles and wires

family & friends

2004 family gathering, laura turns 85

2004 laura turns 85

2003 some familiar faces (to me)

2003 more pictures of people i know

2002 pool at the rivoli with friends

2002 family gathering at shushwap lake


2002 brother marlon

2002 saskatoon: some friends

2002 some people i know

steve tillcock and steve banks

2002 bowling for Anji

2001 class of 81 high school reunion

scott love gives peace sign

2001 dave gets a coffee

2001 durian durian

cats and other creatures

2003 kitty paparazzi

2003 Xena’s adventures continue

2002 travelling: the dogs of summer

2002 some cats

mona the cat r.i.p.

2002 Xena and her favourite rug

2002 Xena’s magic belly

2001 some dogs

molly the dog

2001 some birds

2001 more Xena

2001 meet Xena

2001 Angelo 1983-2001


2004 south saskatchewan river

2004 mayfair in may

2002 laura’s sunflowers

2002 sunrise

2002 summer

saskatoon summer 2002

2000 winter

saskatoon winter 2001

other travels

2004 new york city, a sunday in august

2003 seasonal colours

2003 lanark county, dogs, cat & cousins

2002 stopping by a great lake

2002 inconvenience store

2002 on the road

on the road summer 2002

2002 travelling: some b & w pictures

a little more random

2004 pictures seen on the home page

giantb thimble

2003 a month goes by so fast

2003 a few last pictures from winter

2002 cardboard cutouts

2002 interesting cloud formation

2002 some unrelated pictures

yellow arrow

2001 thoughtless

2001 what a difference a year makes

2001 still | life

yellow arrow

2001 six colour pictures

2001 six b+w pictures

photo menu

I make things with my hands and cameras and computers. I shoot purely digital because I am mostly interested in photography as an input to digital media.

The essentially free cost of digital exposures has allowed me to explore picture taking/making in ways I never could have with film.

In school, and sporadically after, I dabbled with many cameras: a handmade pinhole camera; instamatics & disposables; rangefinders, SLRs and TLRs; polaroids and photo booths; video and film moving picture cameras. Once I started to get access to decent digital cameras in the late 90s I found myself shooting more and more.

tiny coolpix       tiny coolpix

Coolpix 990, 4500

Shots from 2001-2003 were taken with my beloved retired Nikon Coolpix 990, the camera which made picture taking habitual for me. I replaced that with a Coolpix 4500, already discontinued by the time I bought it.

Nikon abandoned this excellent swivelling design for two years, but has finally made a new my-kind-of-Coolpix. Yay. Thanks for the heads up, Milan.

Next I used an Olympus Stylus 720SW, which is small (the size of a deck of cards) and waterproof. I will probably invest in a removable lense digital system at some point, so I can use nice lenses, but I am not in a hurry.

Addendum 2010 : It’s been a few years and a few cameras. These days I use a Nikon D90 and a Panasonic DMC-LX3.

Addendum 2018 : Broke the Panasonic DMC-LX3 in January but use Nikon D-7000 and I-Phone SE.

I like the idea of Creative Commons but it wasn't working for me practically. Please contact me if you are interested in using a picture or have other photographic inquiries.

1999-2018 Kevin Steele