cardboard cutouts

01.11.02 carboard co-worker: Until recently I ran the creative department of a once growing internet services firm. The industry tanked last year and the company faced another round of layoffs in December. ¶ While visiting the survivors I walked past the former cubicle of Brandon Grigg. ¶ On his last day Brandon Grigg had left a cardboard cutout of some generic guy in his place, and weeks later it was still l there. Grigg, you slay me.

11.19.01 um, isn't anyone paying attention?: Because the local huge pizza chain serves pepsi, and Britney is the pepsi girl, these larger-than-life cardboard cutouts started appearing all over town about a month ago. Britney is a pretty cheap and easy target to pick on since she is such a packaged product in her fashionably torn jeans, so I won't bother. ¶ However, a week after this particular cutout appeared at the joint across the street from me, it somehow got this ugly reddish brown stain. It's been three weeks and no one has replaced or removed the cutout. ¶ 12.01.01 update: Britney has been removed after four weeks on display, although there are still Britneys at other outlets.

© Kevin Steele | This photo series was first posted 01.15.02