The Colony

There was more to the Mac than HyperCard, of course. I distinctly recall being amazed playing ‘The Colony’ in 1988. I also remember being excited, challenged, and scared out of my wits, all by patterns of black and white pixels on a tiny Mac screen.

‘The Colony’ was the first flat polygon hidden surface first-person 3D shooter. The design was brilliantly minimal; the story was tailored to the strengths of David Smith’s graphic engine. note Action was set in the angular rooms and hallways of an alien-infested space colony. Aliens were floating, shrieking polygons, with eyeballs for heads — quite possibly the scariest creatures an 8 MHz computer could render on the fly. note

MacRecorder & SoundEdit

In 1988, the Mac had no built-in sound input. It would be years before the ability to digitize sound would be standard. This was a job for a super Mac peripheral and software maker called Farallon note who specialized in helping the Mac do things it couldn’t do.

soundedit icon

In January 1988, Farallon began shipping the MacRecorder Sound System. The sound input hardware also came with SoundEdit, a very good GUI sound editor note and even came with a set of HyperCard sound tools. Stack makers could now create their own alternatives to HyperCard’s two sounds built in sounds. note

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